24 Facts about Left-Handed People That You Did Not Know

Are you left or right-handed? Even after numerous studies and years of investigations, scientists and medical experts cannot yet specify and discover the cause or better said the reason why a person becomes left or right-handed. Still, according to the latest studies, there is a complex connection between person’s genes and the environment. Scientists came to conclusion that great percentage of left-handed individuals come from a family of a left-handed person.

What Else Did the Research Show?

Team of researchers made detailed analysis of the hand- writings of both, left or right-handed persons and concluded that the writings are quite different. Hence, due to the fact that left-handed individuals are trying to adapt to a right-handed world, they are far more independent.

24 Interesting Facts about Left-Handed People

  1. The word ‘left’ is an word with an Anglo-Saxon origin and it comes from the word ‘lyft’ which meant broken or weak.
  2. Scientists discovered that people who are left-handed use the right side of their brain more than the left one.
  3. Only 5 – 10% of the world population is left-handed
  4. Left-handed people are good at sports like swimming, baseball, boxing, tennis, etc.
  5. Statistics shows that about 40% of the best tennis players in the world are left-handed
  6. Studies showed that left-handed people have the ability to see under water easier than right-handed people
  7. According to one research, left-handed people usually reach puberty later, about 5 months after right-handed individuals.
  8. Scientists explain left-handed college graduates are expected to become 26% richer than their right-handed peers
  9. Studies indicate that left-handed people have a 3% higher risk of becoming alcoholics
  10. Did you know that out of 7 US states, 4 are left-handed?
  11. Scientists came to discovery that the percentage of left and right pawedness in animals such as cats, rats, and mice is equally divided
  12. According to one scientific research, longest words which you can type just with your left hand are: tesserae decades, sweater and dresses
  13. Psychologists explain that left-handed people have a different way of processing emotions than right-handed people. Moreover, left-handed individuals tend to get angry much quicker than right-handed.
  14. There are many separate studies which point out that left-handed people are more gifted for maths, architecture and spatial awareness while right-handed individuals have better verbal skills
  15. Did you know that August 13th is International Left-Handers Day?
  16. In the past, the left-handedness was closely associated with the devil, neurosis, rebellion, homosexuality and even However, these people were also related with creativity and musical skills.
  17. Scientific studies showed that people who are left-handed tend to suffer from insomnia more than right-handed persons
  18. According to latest statistical data, in the U.S. there are more than 30 million left-handed people. Are you one of them?
  19. Medical experts explain that women who give birth in their 40s have up to 128% higher chance of giving birth to a left-handed child in comparison with women who give birth in their 20s
  20. Historians explain that some of the most vicious killers in human history were left-handed. For instance, the Boston Stranglers, Jack the Ripper and Osama bin Laden were left-handed.
  21. Scientific studies showed that if left-handed people injure the left, or better said their dominant hand, they easily can learn to use the other one. It is interesting that left-handed individuals can learn to use their other hand much quicker unlike right-handed person
  22. Scientific studies showed that left-handed people are more prone to asthma and allergies than right-handed
  23. Left-handedness are incredibly powerful persons and they run in the family. For instance, Prince William, Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Mother and Prince Charles are/were left-handed
  24. It is interesting to mention that out of four, one Apollo astronaut was left-handed.

Source: organichealthremedies.com