This 6-Minute Silent Video Will Leave You Speechless…

In today’s article we are going to present you Samsara – documentary film that portrays production of modern food with an artistic approach.

This 6-minute video, without any dialogue, is going to take you on a specific and quite interesting journey through cattle, pork and poultry facilities, grocery store, fast food restaurant and a private practice.

We must say that Samsara is not just a documentary about the food industry. As the producers explained, this documentary is a movie about feelings and inner journey rather than an intellectual experience. Experts say that they aren’t trying to say anything.

On to the documentary’s website, it is explained that in Sanskrit, samsara means ‘the ever turning wheel of life’.

This documentary actually is search for the elusive current of interconnection running through human lives. It is interesting to mention that it was shot in 25 different countries in a period of 5 years. The aim of the producers was to portray how human life cycle imitates the rhythm of the planet Earth, we actually live on.