9 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Every Single Bed Bug Without Using a Single Chemical

Bed bugs are a bloodsucking bugs and you definitely don’t want these nasty insects in your bed. But, the ugly truth is that almost all people have bed bugs inside the mattresses. In today’s article you can read how to get rid of these disgusting insects.

Bed bugs are brown, oval and look like ticks and adult bed bugs grow up to ½ inch in size. Scientists say that the bed bugs can bite and suck up 6 times more blood than their normal weight. They attack mammals, both animals and people.

How to recognize a bed bite? Well, the bite of a bed bug resembles a mosquito. The bite of a bed bug will not cause harm to your health, but these insects are nasty and quite annoying.

It is important to mention that bed bugs prefer clean surfaces. These bugs can crawl in the vehicle, hotel room, furniture, including your mattress. In order to get rid of bed bags you can throw away your mattresses, but that is not the best solution. Below we have efficient and cheaper solutions.

Get rid of bed bugs

Another fact that should be mentioned is that bed bugs can live 400 days without food and their reproduction rate is terrifyingly high.

One of the options is chemical extermination, but the chemicals are harmful for your and the health of your loved ones, and you can’t spend the entire day in a room sprayed with a product that is loaded with chemicals. Studies proved that some bugs develop resistance to harsh chemicals.

The ultimate bed bug elimination plan

  1. Observe carefully

When it comes to bed bugs, early detection is extremely important and for this purpose and you will need a mirror and a flashing light. You should be careful and observe carefully as the bed bugs are super tiny. You should pay special attention on the bed frames and mattresses. However, make sure to check each area of your bed. You should look for any brown spots or smudges. Also, it is important to check the cracks and crevices in your bed frames.

If there isn’t anything suspicious and if there aren’t any bed bugs, you can skip the steps for removing the bugs. Instead, proceed to step 9.

  1. “Wipe out” the bugs

You will need a business card, a vacuum cleaner or a simple tape.

  1. Clean the sheets and pillow cases

Carefully clean the sheets, pillow cases, blankets, teddy bears or in other words, everything that touches your bed.

  1. Try the “cold treatment”

If you can’t wash the bed stuff listed above, you can also freeze them. The bed bugs cannot thrive in too hot or too cold temperatures. Both methods are equally effective, so you can choose the method that suits you.

  1. The vacuum cleaner is your friend

Carefully vacuum your bed, each centimeter of it. It is highly advisable to vacuum on a regular basis and after cleaning you should discard the vacuum bag.

  1. Essential oils are powerful

Bed bugs don’t like cedar, tea tree and orange essential oil. In order to remove the bed bugs all you should do is to add several drops of these oils to a cup of water, and then pour the mixture in a spray bottle. Make sure to spray the bed frame and the mattress, as well.

  1. Diatomaceous Earth is awesome!

Diatomaceous Earth is the ingredient you need. The procedure is very simple: sprinkle this powder on your bed and carpet. You should wear a dust mask during this procedure. After that, vacuum up the excess.

  1. Clean the clutter

Eliminate the clutter and thus you will destroy the favorite shelter of the bed bugs.

  1. Prevention matters!

Regular extermination will cost you and the stress is a bonus. In order to prevent occurrence of bed bugs, check the following tips:

  • It is advisable to buy bed-proof mattress cases;
  • Fill the joints and cracks of your bed with sealant or caulk. Apply some of these products inside all cracks;
  • Use bed-bug traps and check if your bed is invaded. If there are bed bugs, follow the procedure explained above.

Source: www.healthy-food-house.com