FEW Doctors Will Discuss The REAL Cause Of Acid Reflux. Here’s The TRUTH!

Statistical data shows that the number of people diagnosed with esophageal cancer is constantly increasing. Scientists have estimated that this number is expected to be over staggering 140 % by 2025.

Taking under consideration the fact that this type of cancer and its symptoms are much similar to certain common conditions, including difficulties with swallowing and acid reflux, the situation is not surprising, at all.

When it comes to potential symptoms of this kind of cancer, medical expert warn their patients particularly cautious as the risk of fatal consequences easily could be avoided.

In today’s article you can read the story of Jay Rensberger. He had been suffering from acid reflux for really long period of time and refused to visit a doctor. Initially, he decided to treat his medical condition using medicines, but the condition worsened. After that, his wife convinced him to visit the doctor, who advised him to do an endoscopy.

Endoscopy is a procedure that uses an instrument – endoscope in order to examine a person’s digestive tract and esophagus. At this point it is important to highlight that type of cancer which develops in the esophagus is even 4 times more common in men compared to women.

The results obtained from this procedure showed that Jay has been suffering from esophageal cancer, and doctors decided to remove it with surgical procedure – immediately. Luckily, Jay`s cancer was detected on time and that basically saved his life.

Unfortunately, at most patients this type of cancer is not discovered on time, due to the symptoms such as difficulties in swallowing and acid reflux which almost never are associated with this disease. And that is the main reason why death rate in these cases is extremely high. In fact, only 20 % of the sufferers manage to beat the cancer.

Professor of gastroenterology at the Medical University of Illinois Still, Michael Sprang explains that there is no need to panic if you have certain issues with acid reflux.

We can summarize that it is highly recommended to visit medical expert as soon as possible and get endoscopy, if the issues with acid reflux don’t subside even after use of drugs.

Source: besthealthyguide.com