Human feet often are overlooked body part, but when it comes to physical activity, they are most overwhelm and hard working part of the entire body. The feet are backing every movement and that is the reason why it is extremely important to take proper care of them. Moreover, you will prevent back, knee and hip pain.

Acupressure is technique that is developed more than 5.000 years ago and it is part of Chinese medicine. This method is consisted of application of pressure (with thumbs or fingertips) to certain discrete points on the body. This stimulation is used for its therapeutic effects, as it offers relief of tension and pain.

It is believed that these specific points follow particular channels, familiar as meridians, which are channels used in acupuncture.

Below we are going to present you 5 exercises that will help you to prevent pain, strengthen your feet and improve your balance:

  1. Toe press

It is important to highlight that before you start with any exercise, you need to warm up your leg muscles. Tremendous way to warm up your feet is with toe presses. While you are standing, lightly bend your knees and then grip the âoor with your toes. Stay in that position and count to 3. You should repeat this exercise 3 times a day, by performing 10 sets each time.

  1. Toe walking

Everyone can perform this exercise. With toe walking you will strengthen your toe muscles, the muscles around the balls of your feet and ligament, too. This exercise is elementary, simply stay on your tiptoes and move forward for 20 seconds. After that, take a rest for 10-15 seconds and repeat 5 more times. In order to achieve better results, repeat twice daily.

  1. Ankle circles

This exercise is crucial for the ankles to stay flexible and mobile. Overload of the body often causes restricted and tight ankle, which causes severe joint and muscle pain. Additionally, tight muscles may cause knee, hip and back pain.

In order to perform this exercise you should lie on your back and extend one leg over your head. After that, rotate the extended leg’s ankle clockwise and count to 10. Repeat this for the other leg.

  1. Resisted Flexion

This exercise is perfect for the small muscles in the foot which actually are crucial for maintaining balance.

This exercise will help you in tightening of your muscles and it also can help in prevention of injures.

For this exercise you will need an exercise band. First of all sit on the floor and straighten your feet in front of you. After that, wrap the exercise band around the bedpost and put the band in top of your feet. Carefully lean backwards until the band is tight.

Next, you need to band your foot backwards, hold in that position and count to 5, then rest and repeat 10 more times.

  1. Toe Pencil Pickups

These exercises are very simple all people can perform them. All you should do is to put a pencil on the floor and then try to lift it off the floor. After that, hold for 10 seconds and release it. You will need about 15 minutes to repeat this exercise 5 times for the both feet.