Do you want to have flat stomach? The good news is that actually you can achieve that very easy.

It is quite simple to burn the belly fat around your waistline. Often fitness experts suggest consuming a lot of water in order to lose belly fat.

Still, it is very important to maintain healthy food diet in this process of loosing belly fat.

Read this article and find out about some advices that you should follow to get a flat stomach.

1.Say Goodbye to Dairy Food

As a matter of fact, milk is a healthy drink. Still, you should avoid it in order to get a flat stomach. Namely, milk intake may lead to gases and bloating and that is the reason why you should avoid it. You can drink yogurt as replacement of milk if you are fond of dairy food.

2.No More Processed Food, Coffee, Refined Sugar and Alcohol

It is recommended to avoid intake of coffee and alcohol to get rid of belly fat. Experts explain that processed food increases the process of fat accumulation and that actually leads to bulky tummy. You should be aware that refined sugar is an obstacle in the process of burning fat.

3.Reduce Consumption of Salt

People add salt in the foodstuff for better taste. Still, it is important to remember that excessive intake of salt leads to water retention in your body.

4.Hot Spices – Go Away

Hot spicy foodstuff stimulates stomach irritation due to increased secretion in the stomach. To be more precise, consumption of hot spices leads to digestion issue and help to accumulate fat near the stomach.

5.Cut Down Carbohydrates

Medical experts say that carbohydrates undermine the belly fat burning process. Our advice is to avoid pasta, bread and sweet food. Instead, consume food that is rich in protein.

6.Say “Yes” to Fruit

Keep in mind that fruits are always healthy option. Still, you should be careful and choose right fruit for weight loss. For example, intake of pears or apples will provide you more fructose which and that will slow down your metabolism. Our recommendation is to consume some citrus fruit and reduce belly fat.

Source: www.healthytipsworld.net